For Women: How to Ignore People Who Think They Are Better Than Others

Has anybody ever made you feel less than? These are toxic people. Just stay away from them. This article shows how to steer yourself away from these people.

Here are a few scenarios:

1) Someone commented badly on your makeup. They straight away said it looked cheap on you although your friends and fiancé always adored the way you decorated your face. Simply rise from your seat, excuse yourself and find another place further away from the toxic person to place yourself again. No need to continue a conversation with this person.

2) Someone started to backbite you on your getup. They might have said, “That’s totally old-fashioned. Look at what I wear. This is the modern trend.” Such obnoxious and totally snobbish people should be dealt with adroitly. Just a simple statement such as, “Everybody likes the way I choose my wardrobe. I don’t see any reason why my getup is not up to the mark.” And then walk away from them without allowing them a second chance to open their mouths.

3) Someone started bragging about how rich they were and how many real estate housing and other properties they owned. You have a simple home with a small family and you are happy. So the toxic person’s bragging doesn’t disarm you rather it irritates you. Put an end to the conversation by saying something offline such as, “How was your day today?”

4) Someone commented on your children that they are far too thin while her children are healthy and fast growing. She started even to lecture you how you should feed your children top variety food and how you should get top ingredients to cook for them. You kind of find her toxic and do not want any more bossing from her. So stop short and tell her, “I know how to take care of my children. They are in good health. Please stop your lectures. They don’t interest me.”

5) Someone started saying her husband was so adorable and caring, taking her to restaurants and always buying her flowers to show his love for her. She attacked you saying your husband was always on business trips and rarely giving time to your family.

But you know you have a good relationship and understanding with your husband. So you might as well say wittily, “I have come to accept my husband’s absence now and then but we have a good understanding. When we are all together, we have a great time going on long drives and spending time in mother nature with the children. When he is not around, I give full attention to my job and children and time goes away so quickly and happily for me that it gets time for my husband’s return soon and we get all united joyously. In fact we are a happy family. Did you think otherwise?”

These are some of the ways some toxic people in your life might show off they are better than you. Just ignore them and stalk away. They are not worth destroying your precious peace of mind.