Room Essentials 5 Head Floor Lamp In Pink – A Product Review

If you are looking for a pink floor lamp, one of the best products for your money is the Room Essentials 5 Head Floor Lamp. Put this lamp on the floor beside your daughter’s bed, or in the corner of her room and watch her smile as you light it up.

What does it look like? There are 5 swivel heads (steel), with 5 plastic, tulip-shaped lamp shades in various tones of pink. You can put the shades on whichever head you like, to create the effect you want. Once you have determined which pink shade to put where, you simply fasten the shade to the swivel head with a simple nut (supplied). The lamp stands 5 feet tall (note: although this sounds tall, measure out 5 feet prior to purchasing this pink floor lamp – 5 feet does NOT reach close to the ceiling!).

What amount of light does it give off? With 5 heads, you can get a very nice brightness from this lamp. It takes five 40watt bulbs (not included), but the total effect is much softer and more pleasant than a 200watt bulb working alone. The on/off switch has a 3rd position, which turns off only 3 of the 5 lights, so you can create atmosphere this way – many people use this setting for reading in bed.

Is it difficult to set up? Not at all. The lamp comes packaged securely, and you do not need even a single tool to assemble it. As long as you know how to screw something together by hand, assembling the Room Essentials 5-Head Floor Lamp will be simple to do.

Are there any negatives? Some customers have commented on the length of the cord being somewhat of an issue – it is approximately 40 inches. If the room into which you are putting this lamp is somewhat lacking electrical outlets, you may need an extension cord. On the flip-side, if your outlet is close by, there is no huge surplus of cord to get tangled up.