The Hourglass Body Type: Style Tips

Some of the most iconic women to grace the Hollywood scene have had the hourglass body type. They have rocked their curves and made women realise that there is nothing wrong with a curvaceous figure, especially when you know how to dress it properly. Follow these style tips for the hourglass body type and get the Hollywood look.

One of the most iconic women to grace the world with her stunning hourglass body type was Marilyn Monroe. A breath-taking beauty that knew exactly what type of clothing would show of her curves in all the right places. Nowadays women can look to the beautiful Christina Hendriks of Mad Men fame to look for more modern ways to dress this fantastic shape. Firstly, you need to know whether or not you fall into the hourglass body type category. If you have the following body characteristics than you have an hourglass figure:

· Larger fuller bust

· Bigger thighs

· Round bottom and hips

· A small waist

Now the question is how to dress such a body type in the right way? Many people forget that the right clothing can make a huge difference. It can enhance all the good and hide the bad bits, because unfortunately, there will always be parts of the body that people don’t like. The next time you go shopping you need to follow these style tips to get the perfect outfit:

· The right bra: first things first, as a lady with a fuller bust you need to make sure that they are supported properly. One of the biggest mistakes women make is not wearing the right bra for their size. Take the time to get fitted properly, it’s free and takes no time at all. The bra needs to be able to lift the bust so as to help define your waist. Even if you do have a large bust there is nothing wrong with flaunting it in a sexy push up bra.

· Show it off: bare skin is very sexy, but in the case of an hourglass figure you need to do it tastefully. Show off your shoulder and neckline by wearing plunging and broader necklines. This will draw attention towards your sexy little waist.

· Fitted or flow: with hourglass figures there are two options in regards to your clothing, you can either give the “Va va voom” vibe with fitted clothing that hugs your curves, especially your bottom or let it flow over. If you are self-conscious about your larger lower part of your body and empire waist dress will hide it away from view.

Finding clothing for your body will be a simple task when you follow these guidelines.