Short Skirts and High Heels – How Plus Sized Women Can Pull Off the Look With Class

Magazines today gain a decent amount of readership by showing real versus photo shopped pictures. The ultra skinny, ultra tall woman is somewhat of an anomaly and yet serves as a foundation for our standard of beauty. Even these women need the tips and tricks and skills of a technician with photo shop expertise. We see these size 4 women on magazine covers wearing shorts and heels giving the illusion of sleek, slender legs that go on forever.

Reality check: The average size of an American woman is size 14. The magic number that happens to be the starting number for plus sized clothing. So let’s face it, women have curves, lots of them and curves are AWESOME. The key is really knowing how to show them off.

Being plus-sized does not draw reference to height. So if you happen to be a short woman, it may feel counter-intuitive to wear a short skirt. Let’s be honest, for so many women fat loves to deposit itself around the upper thighs. It’s the dreaded place where the cellulite “grows.” It’s the place where you might most want covered up. But a short skirt can work for you. Hear me out, keep reading. Showing a bit of leg elongates it. I’m only talking about 2 to 3 inches above the knee. It makes you, the woman appear taller and emphasizes the lower, more narrow (it’s okay to show it) part of the leg. Being “plus-sized” the temptation is to cover up, but if a woman wears a long skirt (right at or below the knees) everything is covered except for the calf muscle. It gives you a shorter and probably heavier than you really are appearance. This tip is even more appropriate for the tall or average height woman. If you got them, flaunt. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of leg.

Another misconception, tall women can’t wear heels. Anyone can wear heels. Tall and short alike. The one and only true requirement is confidence. If you decide to wear a heel, wear it well by standing tall. Slouching undermines the poise and elegance your shoes are conveying. Other than confidence and posture, be sure to be comfortable. A grimacing face is paradoxical accessory. If you can’t do a stiletto, finish off your outfit with a comfortable wedge. They look good with almost anything.

Polish off your stylish short skirt and heels with a shirt or jacket with a tapered waistline. You need to show that you actually have a waist. A boxy shirt does just that, create a boxy shape. It hides not only curvaceous breasts but bottoms as well. It hides all the bits that make you a woman and there’s nothing sexy or classy about that. Accentuate your assets by wearing styles that show off or compliment your proportions.

No matter what your size you will always look classy if you dress in styles best suited for your body type:

  • Pear shape: Heavier on the lower half? Wear dresses that skims the bottom without clinging. A tea dress is trendy and flattering.
  • Apple body: More weight in the middle? Avoid the cling. Stick to a loose-fit top and short skirt to make it work.
  • Hourglass: Bust and hips proportionally balanced? A v-neck (not too low) cute cinched belt and a flared skirt to bring out your inner Marilyn.
  • Botticelli Baby: Voluptuous body, but not as defined as the hourglass? The wrap dress flatters every curve.
  • Boyish: The trendy throwback flapper dress is right for you!
  • Soccer legs: Short skirts always work for you or asymmetric draped dresses that pull the eyes upward to your upper body too.
  • Short torso: 5’1 or 6’1 a short torso can be a problem, but it doesn’t have to be A- line dresses work for the flirty you.
  • Swimmer shoulders: You can work the blazers, but when it warms up show off that décolletage with peplum-skirt dress. The wider width in the hips adds balance to the proportions.
  • Carrot legs: Show off those pretty ankles with a not-too-snug fitting midi dress

No matter what magazines may attempt to portray, the plus-sized woman is the woman of today. Do not hide the fact that you are sexy. You are vibrant and, yes, you have the confidence to show it all off. Burn the muumuu. Wear short skirts and heels with all the class and style that encompass every plus sized bit of you. You are woman. Hear her ROAR.