Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying

So, what are the Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying? Bullying is a cruel, ugly and unnecessary ordeal that makes school for many youngsters a living hell. The misery that it brings leaves the victims complete wrecks if there is no intervention in the shortest possible time. Due to the complicated nature of bullying cases, many people appear to have thrown in their towel on ever putting the vice to an end. The truth is that something can be done to beat bullying and make school enjoyable once more. Learn our Tips to Beat Bullying!

According to statistics, a single child line receives around 20,000 calls a year in the UK alone. Other organizations have their part of the story too and the figures keep on mounting. Studies also show that one out of 12 children is bullied severely to the extent that this has a negative impact on his or her education, social life and future job prospects. Worse still, 10-15 cases of bullying every single year go as far as the target committing suicide. You still haven’t touched on those that undergo intense depression as well as other traumatizing experiences.

Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying: How to prevent Bullying?

It’s about time that a stop is put to all this madness. More than ever before, there is need to beat bullying. A school can’t be making great men and women for the future only for an idle bully to break them. The following are a compilation of simple yet effective Tips to Beat Bullying that will transform the lives of many vulnerable kids.

  1. Implementing school laws to the letter is a great way to start. Every single school has established bylaws related to harassment of students by others. If each of these schools could be strict in the implementation of the rules, the number of bullying cases could go down to an impressive level. Remember the school is the primary and main source where many aggressors lay the ambush to their targets. By effectively bringing the situation under control, the number of those students who skip school because of fear will drop considerably.
  2. Keeping a diary of the incidences that one has suffered under the hands of bullies will be handy. There comes a time when the school authorities have to know what is going on. When you finally decide to present your case, the diary will be a good evidence to help prove it.
  3. Thirdly, bullies pick on people who appear weak as their prey. One has therefore got to practice walking tall. Bring the best of your confidence forward when you are walking around. They will write you off their records.
  4. You should know that you are what you think of yourself. For this reason, do not even think of yourself as a victim. When you put yourself in that position, you become helpless and you start thinking that you are helpless and worthless. That’s not true. Just list down those good attributes about yourself and you will realize that a bully has no role in deciding how you live your life.
  5. Get some good company. It is near to impossibility for bullies to pick on you if your pal has got your back. Avoid walking alone as this makes you a good candidate for their inhuman acts.

More Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying

  1. Always walk away from trouble whenever you can. Do not mind if you are branded as a coward for it is your welfare that is at stake. Turn away from any advances, and then walk away without looking back. Do not yield to any pressure.
  2. Don’t leave your heart open for the bullies to read your emotions. The reason why a bully will terrorize you is to see your emotional reactions towards what they are doing. Even when you are annoyed, just keep your cool and let them have your back.
  3. Getting physical isn’t the wisest decision. Bear in mind that when the aggressors are making advances, they are also prepared to face and counter retaliation. You don’t know how armed they are. You are directly endangering your life by taking them head on since they can do irreparable damage to you.
  4. Be hilarious and walk away the victor. What would you say if a bully asked for the sweets that you are carrying? If giving them away isn’t any of your options, then the sure answer is no. Chances are that that answer was being expected and there is a ready move to counter it. So you can try the funny version of it. Say that the bully says. “Hey little pimp let me have those sweets.” Your response should be something like, “Alright, but little dog licked them so they aren’t that tasty. Or you want to try them out?’ That’s a technique that is sure to work and give you the opportunity to get away.

If you are looking for a strong anti bullying charity, we suggest looking at BeatBullying. BeatBullying is an international charity that has earned many awards. Its purpose is to help young people gain the confidence that they need to lead anti-bullying campaigns throughout their schools or communities. Its goal is to help children learn prevention strategies and to focus on education so that the youth will feel enabled and be able to stop bullying.