Unique Colour Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings come in a variety of colours. Lime green, magenta, orange, brown, cognac, violet and all colours in between are classified as rare and unique sapphire colours. Market demand for these sapphire engagement rings is driven by couples who purchase them for their individuality and personality.


The orange sapphire was once an obscure and underrated gem, but this is no longer the case. With orange’s arrival as an important fashion colour, the gems have gained great popularity. They range from light pastel shades to vivid reddish ones. As a blend of red and yellow hues, they tend to be coloured by a combination of chromium (red) and iron (yellow) trace elements, or by exposure to natural radiation. These stones with their delightful colour are rare in any size, so even those mined with inclusions or slight inclusions are still exceedingly valuable when they hit the marketplace. Because they are not mined in great quantities, they are not usually cut to standard sizes or proportions in sapphire engagement rings. Orange sapphires are found in Australia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar.


Green is an uncommon colour for sapphire. Such a colour is virtually unknown to the public, so demand has not driven prices to the same heights as other unique shades. In their natural form, they may range from light yellow-greenish hues through medium olives to blue-greens that reflect the shade of seawater. Tone saturation does not play much of a role in the pricing of these stones. In short, they are more likely to resemble peridots or tourmalines than emeralds. They are far more brilliant than emeralds and much harder and more durable than any other known green jewel. Despite being very rare, the green sapphire is comparatively inexpensive. Green sapphire engagement rings are generally found wherever blue and yellow ones occur together, such as in the mines of Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar and Montana (USA).

Purple and Violet

Purple and violet are often confused, but they are actually distinct hues. Purple is a blended hue: red with a mixture of blue. Violet, on the other hand, is a mixture of blue with purple. These tones may be considered more obscure due to the accessibility of other purple and violet gemstones. However, sapphires are far more durable and brilliant than other stones found in these shades. On this account, they make longer lasting engagement rings. Many of these gems show delicate a shift in shade under various lighting conditions. They will appear darker under daylight or fluorescent lighting and distinctly paler under incandescent lights. Purple and violet sapphire engagement rings are primarily sourced from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Myanmar.