The Celtic Knot: 3 Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings

Not a lot is known about the original Celtic peoples of Europe since they kept no written records and were driven out of Europe by the Romans and Germanic tribes. Ultimately, the enduring Celts were restricted to Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Much of what is known about the original Celts comes from their artwork and jewellery. Many of their jewellery pieces contained intricate scrollwork that is unique and distinct from other cultural artefacts.

One type of Celtic artwork that has remained through history is Celtic knot found on vintage engagement rings. Today, there are many beautiful rings made in this style that are popular with brides and grooms across all cultures. These jewellery pieces can be purchased or commissioned at many jewellery stores. When shopping for vintage engagement rings of this heritage, it is helpful to be aware of the various styles offered.

Celtic Ring Styles

Since these vintage engagement rings feature distinctive and stunning design patterns, they stand out from any other type of jewellery. While there are many differences between various styles, for instance, some pieces feature gemstones and others do not, there are four separate styles that form most Celtic engagement rings. Within these four styles, many contain a number of symbols, like knots, that embody the spiritual symbolism of the heritage.

Knotted Rings

The knot is one of the most exceptional designs of Celtic artwork. Many pieces of jewellery unearthed in archaeological digs feature this unusual knot pattern. In rings, the knot work is crafted to have neither beginning nor end, even if the knots are divided into segments. On account of this, the design is extremely popular as an engagement piece for its symbolic representation of eternal love.

Circular Knots

Knots that employ a circular form or pattern represent the idea of infinity and patience. These patterns on vintage engagement rings are also used to symbolise recurrence or continuity, as in the case of seasons and harvest festivals.

Square Knots

Knots with a square shape have their own interesting imagery. Each side characterizes strength and stability. Vintage engagement rings featuring this pattern are meant to transfer these virtues to the union of the bride and groom.

Trinity Knots

Trinity knots are the most popular design of the knot. It is an important and archaic symbol, and over the millennia it has come to spiritualise the Holy Trinity sacred to Christians. Such a connection further reflects the ideas of eternality and perpetual love, especially for those seeking a religious aspect to their marriage.

If any of this symbolism draws on the unique facets of your relationship with your lover, consider the sentimentality and imagery of Celtic jewellery to commemorate your upcoming betrothal.