The Best Gemstones for White Gold Engagement Rings

On average today, nearly 70 percent of a given jewellery store’s merchandise is comprised of white gold. It is thus no surprise that engagement rings made of it are one of the most popular styles for all modern brides-to-be. If you are in the market for a jewellery piece that will serve to commemorate your upcoming betrothal, you may want to consider what gemstones will work best in a white gold setting. At the end of the day, designing a jewellery piece is all about personal preference. Ultimately the fashion choices are going to come down to you and you alone, so be sure to listen to what your inner voice tells you that you like best.

The Darker the Better

As a general rule of thumb, darker coloured jewels tend to look better than lighter coloured jewels in a white gold mounting. The reason for this is that the pale shade of the metal creates a bigger contrast with darker coloured stones, which allows them to ‘pop’ right out of the band and catch eyes in any room. Fainter hues don’t achieve that ‘pop’ because they blend in with the metal shade and almost disappear. Accordingly, look to pair your white gold ring with a vivid pink, bright blue, striking purple, or deep green shaded stone since all of these colours will contrast with a light-coloured metal band.

Gems that look Good in White Gold

In light of this, gemstones with profound and outstanding colour complexions are best set in such engagement rings. The following is a quick list of jewels that you should consider in the buying process: garnet, amethyst, diamond, emerald, alexandrite, ruby, peridot, sapphire, pink tourmaline, citrine, royal or navy blue topaz, tanzanite (deeper shades), black diamond and onyx. More exotic stones, such as kunzite, iolite, rhodolite and lazurite can all work as well if you can find them in a shade that you feel contrasts enough with the pale metal band. Remember though, the selection process is about personal preference. Be sure to sample a wide variety of mountings to decide which design strikes your fancy most.

Gems that look Bad in White Gold

Having said that darker stones tend to set well in white gold engagement rings, it follows that lighter tones do not. Although you may disagree, it is generally recommended to stay away from aquamarine, cheap tanzanite, opal, and light blue topaz. These stones are very light and nearly get hidden in a jewellery piece of white gold. Take your design considerations slowly and deliberately to ensure you purchase a ring that pops with brilliance.