Diamonds or Moissanite? Which Should You Choose?

Diamonds and Moissanite look very much alike. Both are clear, usually white stones with a brilliant fire. One is very much cheaper than the other.

Which should you choose?

One look at the prices and you might go straight for moissanite.

Then again, diamonds are way more expensive because diamonds are natural gemstones that are rare and mined from the earth itself. The moissanite [] you see in stores is actually a manmade gemstone. Often used as diamond substitute as they look very much alike. Diamonds are rare and precious while more moissanite can be made any time to meet any demand. Diamonds are an investment. Moissanite is well… decorative.

Both do have their uses.

When should you buy diamonds, when should you buy moissanite?

As diamond prices tend to be really high, especially for the larger, whiter diamonds, for glamorous jewelry that features large “diamonds”, to be worn at a function, go for moissanite.

Huge real diamonds set in jewelry would be way too expensive to wear safely, in public without bodyguards following you around. In fact, high society ladies who own such covetable real diamond jewelry would lock the diamonds in the safe and wear moissanite replicas or other diamond replicas of the real jewelry in public.

If the jewelry in question is an engagement ring, please go for the real thing. She is not going to be impressed if that 3 carat diamond ring is actually moissanite and not diamonds. She might even be humiliated if she tells her friends about it and later finds that it is not a real diamond. Better get her a smaller diamond you can afford than a huge moissanite, for important jewelry like these.

How about that diamond stud earrings?

Or that diamond tennis bracelet you intend to wear all the time.

Should you go for moissanite?

That depends on your budget and your taste. Moissanite is more brilliant than diamond but the light tends to be harsh. Some people think it looks fake and cheap and has a disco light effect. Others love the extra brilliance.

If you like the extra brilliance and are on a relatively tight budget but want something that dazzles and really catches the eye, moissanite is your rock.

If you also want your jewelry to double up as an investment in case of hard times, then the answer is to stick to diamonds all the way.