Diamond Engagement Rings and the Perfect Proposals

What are some romantic ways to propose? Some men have big surprises planned out for their fiancées, while other men tend to go the less conspicuous route and make it a private event. Either way, when women receive diamond engagement rings, they could not be more ecstatic! This is the happiest day in their entire lives and they just cannot wait to tell everyone in the world. Here are some romantic engagement stories you can learn from:

Depending on your lives and hobbies, not every romantic proposal you read about will be appropriate for your future wife. Some women enjoy being the center of attention and will prefer her proposal to be in a place where lots of people will see it. Other women will not want to be in the limelight so much, and will prefer her receive a diamond engagement ring when it is just the two of them. Of course, there are women who fall in between both extremes of the spectrum, and there are always the women who do not care how it is executed as long as the end result is being married to her love and best friend.

One couple both enjoyed flying, airplanes and anything having to do with the sky. He hired a pilot to sky write “Lisa, will you marry me?” in large letters in the sky when they were enjoying a day at the beach. Although this is dangerous because he could have dropped the ring somewhere, never to be found, he managed to keep a good hold on it and successfully popped the question, to which she accepted.

Another couple was at the dog park with their wild and crazy Doberman. He had coordinated with a friend, who also had a Doberman, for his dog to come over and the diamond engagement ring was attached to the dog’s collar. Upon further inspection of this new Doberman, she realized he was already down on one knee and asking her to marry him.

A scavenger hunt is always a fun and exciting way to pop the big question. You start at one location and have her discover clues all over your city (or home, if you are short on time) with the very last clue leading to the diamond engagement ring. Of course, you would have to hide the diamond engagement ring some place (like your house) where you know it would not get stolen!