6 Essential Steps to Smart Shopping for Sapphire Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not cheap, especially when they include precious gemstones like sapphires. Because sapphire engagement rings are such an investment, you will want to be methodical in your buying decisions to ensure that you do not make a rash and impulsive purchase.

Set a budget

Before looking at any sapphire engagement rings, you should set a budget to avoid buying jewellery you cannot really afford. Sapphires can range from £30 per carat to over £6000 per carat. The most expensive sapphire on record ever sold cost about £80,000 per carat. Set a budget before beginning the shopping process and communicate this effectively to the jeweller. The price of a sapphire is determined primarily, in order, by the cut, transparency and clarity (the number of inclusions), and colour of the stone. Size is a rather insignificant feature in the valuation process, as a large, low-quality sapphire can be a lot cheaper than a small, high quality stone.

Choose a metal setting that complements the stone

Sapphires can come in a variety of different tones, so you will want the band of your sapphire engagement ring to be made from a metal that complements its shade. Metals such as silver and white gold are popular complements to any hue of a sapphire’s natural blue colour. The orangey-pink of Padparadscha sapphires usually pairs well with yellow gold settings, while pure pink sapphires tend to stand out in both silver and gold settings. All in all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the way you design your ring is a matter of personal preference.

Be aware of potential fakes

Less trustworthy retailers may try to sell ignorant buyers a cheaper stone that looks like a sapphire instead of a real sapphire. Blue spinel, blue tourmaline, and tanzanite are among the gems that some jewellers may try to pass off as true sapphires.

Only work with reputable dealers

A good place to start your shopping for sapphire engagement rings is with large chain brand jewellers because their business practices are more closely scrutinized than those of independent stores. If you do want to examine the selection of local artisan jewellers, be sure to ask for official certification for any sapphire you consider purchasing. A legitimate jeweller will be able to provide paperwork that validates the gemstone’s origins and attributes.

Save by buying loose, wholesale sapphires

Retailers tend to inflate the price of their jewels since they need to charge more than the price they paid in order to make a profit. Wholesalers, however, can sell you loose stones, or stones that have not yet been set in a ring, at near wholesale prices. Once you obtain these stones, you can have them have them set in a ring separately by a bespoke jeweller. This process also allows a greater role in customising the piece of jewellery.

Shop around at various jewellers

Every jeweller will have a different stock of sapphires in his or her collection. As a result, it is wise to compare the different designs as well as prices of different jewellers. You may be able to find two similar designs you like at varying costs. As with any other product, shopping at multiple stores and weighing your options in a calculative manner will ensure that you make the best purchase for your budget.