Gifts for Cat Lovers – A Cat Necklace

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one and you know they like cats, there are many options available. It is easy to find a funny mug or t-shirt, but with a bit of thought, it is easy to find a personal gift, which they will treasure for years to come. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to break the bank, as the expression states, it is the thought that counts.

A cat necklace can be the perfect gift for a cat lover. There are many styles to choose from, choker, short, long and any length in between. The cat that is the centre piece of the necklace can look like an abstract piece of art, a jewelled feline or a defined breed such as a Maine Coon or Siamese.

It is important to assess the quality of the chain. Some necklaces are created by using a pendant which is sold on a display chain. Usually the display chain is very fine and can break easily. The display chain may also be created in a metal which is not designed to be worn frequently and may tarnish with prolonged contact to the body, water or heat. This does not necessarily mean the item was not of high quality. To the contrary, the cat section may be perfect, but the chain may need to be swapped to a more robust, every day chain. If the wearer is not going to wear the cat necklace every day and will bring it out on special occasions, the display chain may suffice.

For necklaces which incorporate the cat into the design the chain should be quite sturdy. Check the links are intact and there are not any gaps at the joins. The price will be dictated generally by the metal used. Gold and silver colored necklaces will be cheaper than ones which feature the metals such as sterling silver or 9k, 14k or 18k gold. Even in the more expensive price points it is important to check the joins in the links and fastening system.

A truly personalised cat necklace may take a little more forethought. There are many options available where a picture of the pet cat is used and a pendant or tag created. The likeness to the pet is striking and this can be a truly treasured gift for the recipient. This option takes a little longer than an off the shelf purchase, but it certainly is a more unique option as a gift for a cat lover.