Wedding Always Call For A Beautiful Lehenga!

Lehengas are congruous with every occasion, especially for taking wedding vows. A lehenga is a full ankle-length skirt. They are long, embroidered and pleated. With the time there has been an enhancing in the designs and form of these beautiful Indian traditional dress. Colours can do magic to make a bridal outfit to make it stand out. Beyond the beloved traditional tones, the modern generation of to be brides are falling in love with the saccharine shades and mismatched trends. Different brides demands for different designs and today’s time everything is available. There no charm that an elegant lehenga cant bring. These Indian dresses come in different forms. Some of them are mentioned below. A-Line A-Line lehenga has A-line hem. As per the name it suggests, it is tighter on the waist and flares out at the bottom. This is a very versatile type of lehenga. They are especially suggested for hourglass and pear-shaped bodies. Be it your engagement day or any other special occasion, A-line Lehenga is a perfect choice. Flared Who doesn’t like a flared lehenga? Flared is a kind of lehenga that has several of volume and pleats. This style is most suitable for all body types. They enhance your look and makes you feel like a real diva Double flared Double flared lehenga is especially known as a multi-layered can-can skirt. They come with a dramatic flair and volume. Weddings are incomplete without a double flared wedding lehenga. Mermaid Mermaid lehenga is always in trends. It looks like a fishtail. The dress is tight till the knees and flared from the calves. They are in huge demands. A pretty colour mermaid lehenga will have all eyes on it. Panelled Panelled lehenga has several horizontal panels. The volume of the flare is increased for too many panels. These panels can be the same or different. You get all the chance to choose your panels. They can be same or different. You can choose your favourite one and enjoy your special day. Sharara Sharara is a kind of lehenga will have two big palazzos or pants in the bottom. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. Enjoy and dance your heart out while adorning the classy sharara lehengas on your big day. Straight This kind of lehenga has a straight silhouette without any space for its pleats or gathers for the fullness. They make me feel like a diva on your special day. They come in many colour and designs. With time western culture has largely influenced Indian culture and fashion industry. People have welcomed the change with open arms. Indian traditional outfits also come with modern touch and sensibility. Even the most talked Indian ethnic dress – “Lehenga” comes with a beautiful western look. Apart from lehenga, there are so many more Indian dresses that come with a special and unique essence of international sensibility. Some of them are Draped Saree: This is the modern version of our elegant saree. They are also as graceful and elegant as Indian sarees are. There are easy to wear. Be it a simple party or grand wedding, draped saree goes with everything. Jackets and Cape: Wear your favourite ethnic dress and add a western jacket or cape with it. Without any doubt, this will increase your look ten times more. They are classy and can be worn on any occasion Jumpsuits: What about wearing a jumpsuit that has Indian vibes in it? Adorn your most favourite jumpsuit and have all eyes on you. Going back to lehengas, they are the most important part of your special day. Make your wedding dress as beautiful as your wedding. Have no dull moment in your wedding when ethnic wear is your companion.