Modern Shoes That Men Must Own

If you are an avid fashion enthusiast, there is a high chance that you already know the importance of footwear. Many men walk the extra mile to pick out a brilliant attire but fall short when it comes to footwear. Usually, poor choice of footwear is what can bring the quality of an attire down. Having multiple pairs of superb shoes that come in a variety of styles is crucial to a great sense of fashion. So it goes without saying that the ideal list will include some hot picks like trainers, brogues, oxford shoes and desert boots. But if you happen to be the kind of man who enjoys variety, the usual line up won’t do. The truth is, there are a lot more varieties of shoes on the market than just the usual ones that almost every men’s fashion blog recommends. They bring something new to your fashion every time you try them on. This is exactly why we have decided to check them out today. Here we go. Loafers: These shoes are as cool as boat shoes and are easy to use. The best part is they work well with a variety of trousers which means they fit seamlessly into smart casuals as well. Although they look similar, loafers are different from Boat shoes in their appearance. Boat shoes tend to look sportier while loafers have a touch of formality to their looks. The versatility of loafers is the main reason behind them featuring on our list today. Chelsea boots: A true champion of the smart casual look, Chelsea boots are so good looking and dapper that you can also wear them with a suit. They come in a variety of different materials and colours. Thanks to the diverse range of options they are available in, you can wear them with Chino trousers and denim jeans, just as well as you would wear them with tailored trousers. Chelsea boots are an absolute essential and can do wonders for your style. Knitted Trainers: Almost every leading sports equipment maker and high fashion brand is making them. This is because they are so popular. They are comfortable, sporty and absolutely marvellous. While they are not ‘knitted’ by hand in the traditional fashion, the way they look is what gives them their name. They may not be of much use in the smart casual department but they sure do make up for it by being extra useful in your arsenal of casual apparel. Slip-on sneakers: Everyone loves trainer shoes. Which is why it is perfectly acceptable to wear a pair of them to offices nowadays paired with chino trousers and a nice oxford shirt. While trainers are out there helping millions of men all over the world create memorable style statements, slip-on sneakers are holding their own against them. The best part is they are as effective as trainer shoes in the smart casual department. Gum Sole trainers: They were once very popular in the 1980s and they have made a successful come back during the course of 2017. All this is thanks to their signature appearance. They are simple and precise. The gum sole trainer originally was a ‘no frills’ design and even to this day its straightforward approach to practicality and style is loved. So, which one of these footwear for men are your favourite or which one of these would you like to try. Share your views.