Online personal shoppers have grown in popularity recently as more customers desire quick and customized shopping experiences. These online-based aids can be beneficial and improve both the effectiveness and pleasure of the shopping experience. However, hiring the ideal one can be overwhelming for you. The following are some inquiries you should make before spending money on an online personal shopping experience:

Why do you work as a personal shopper, image coach, or shopper?

Ask your potential online personal shoppers why they entered the industry and what they find most fulfilling about it. A person who only “likes to shop” and claims to “have an eye for fashion” isn’t a shopper, just as holding a camera doesn’t make someone a professional photographer. Since you are the canvas, you are hiring this individual to help you with online personal shopping and make you feel your best. So, they must be passionate and charismatic about what they do.

What kind of clients do you work with?

An excellent online personal shopper or image consultant must overcome fashion prejudices and see each client as unique. You get the most when the shopper is capable of achieving your objectives. If a shopper, for instance, calls herself a “club outfit guru,” don’t count on getting valuable advice if you need to change a season’s wardrobe.

What steps do you take when you shop?

This query reveals information about the personal shopper’s productivity and creative process. Ask them how they develop the vision for your wardrobe, and don’t be hesitant to express your skepticism if they don’t include you in the process—after all, they are the ones who dress you. The following are some more process questions we advise you to consider:

  • Inquire of the personal shopper how they find what they want. Do they peruse publications and shop at malls, or do they have databases and spreadsheets of stores where they can categorize fits and styles?
  • Find out how they involve you, the client, in the shopping process. Do they visit every store with you, or what do they do to speed up the process?
  • Ascertain their comfort level in locating the best-fitting items for you, even if that necessitates importing them from another country or state.
  • Find out if they deliver to your house or place of business.

What is your portfolio?

Examining an online personal shopper’s work is the most remarkable approach to assessing them. Do they have a portfolio of their prior work? Can they show you before-and-after pictures or glowing reviews from past customers? Your potential personal shopper may not have your taste and may even have a different sense of style, but they may have previously dressed someone like you. Here is where you get to assign values. Don’t be persuaded into believing the title naively because some personal shoppers dress poorly.

Final thoughts

It’s vital to ensure you will benefit from a personal shopper or image consultant’s services personally and professionally before engaging them. Therefore, asking the right questions is important to ensure you are compatible.