A Fitting Response to Perfect Bed Making!!

It’s a super busy monday morning! You have a zillion things spinning in your mind before you lock that door behind you and zip off to work….on time! How you wish you had a dozen hands at that moment to juggle all those seemingly innumerable chores and get them all done in a jiffy! Especially making your bed! Aaarrgh! Such a task! Well fret no more!! No more tucking in that flat sheet, sweating it out to make sure it sits on your bed wrinkle free! What if I were to tell you that there exists the perfect solution for perfect bed making every morning…. A-HA..Guess you would want to know more now! Get comfortable with that cuppa coffee and read on… So what exactly is a fitted sheet?It is a soft and supple sheet of smooth fabric covering the mattress on your bed with a stretchy elastic band sewed into the seam of the material which holds it firmly in place. It also keeps the sheet from slipping off the mattress when you are fast asleep! Naturally, it gives a neat, tidy and an inviting look to your bedroom… Due to the elastic band, the fitted sheet fits snugly on the mattress on all four corners giving it a completely wrinkle free look! And guess what? Your bed is now made in a jiffy! What are fitted sheets made from? Fitted sheets are made from a variety of fabrics. Cotton is the most preferred and therefore the most popular fabric ensuring a soft and smooth sleeping surface. It is breathable, durable, super soft, easy to take care of and moreover generally affordable possessing a natural sheen. Some may prefer Percale, which is a closely woven cotton fabric with a plain weave. Fitted Sheet Sizes: Fitted Sheets are available for single as well as double beds. They are also available in King and the Queen Size. What is a thread count? It is the number of threads woven together in a square inch. The higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric is and the better it feels against your skin. Why are fitted sheets Time Saving? Draping a fitted sheet on your bed is surely time saving as you only have to slip it on ONCE in the day and dream away in its super softness! It does not get easily dislodged from each corner of your bed. instead fits snugly, without any wrinkles. So, you do not need to wake up and make your bed all over again! Your bed is already made once you slip the fitted sheet on! Top Quality: Assurance of breathable and comfortable fabric with guaranteed durability. Silky smooth texture radiating luxury and comfort. Cleanliness: How often should you change your fitted sheets? It’s best to clean your sheets once a week. Unfortunately, we are not alone in our beds. We settle down with microscopic dust mites, hidden bacteria through sweat, body creams or dirt from outside. Every night we shed a million skin cells too. Washing your sheets regularly can prevent health problems such as allergens and asthma. FITTED SHEETS BY PORTICO- Voila! Portico offers a fantastic range of functional and stylish fitted sheets catering to all those on the go! The expertly tailored fitted sheets are widely available in all leading stores. For those of you who choose to shop at the click of a button, there is a huge collection of fitted sheets online too. Fitted sheets by Portico are available in collections such as Percale, Mix it Up, Marvella, Hashtag, Happiness Is, Blossom in a variety of fantastic enviable prints, patterns and solid colours making them a complete must-have for your bedroom! Percale offers irresistible fitted sheets in eye catching twelve solid shades to brighten up any bedroom. Choose fitted sheets from Mix it Up for a slightly therapeutic subtle look. Marvella, Happiness Is and Blossom to delight the eye whilst capturing the essence of a joyous colour palette! Mix and Match: Interestingly you can mix and match fitted sheets with the varied range of comforters or duvet covers provided by Portico to give your room a brand new look each day.Think of your bed as a canvas ..paint a pretty picture on it by mixing beautifully patterned fitted sheets with gorgeous fluffy comforters to give your room a complete make over and in turn a mood over! Accessorize your fitted sheets: Add a few patterned and solid coloured pillows on the fitted sheets to brighten up your bedroom. making lounging in your favourite personal space even cozier! Create a fashionable modern space keeping with the times with Fitted sheets from Portico…. the perfect choice with your busy schedule!