Tips to Recover From a Labiaplasty Surgery

Many women in recent times are giving in to the Labiaplasty surgery. More often than not it is for cosmetic reasons. They are basically unhappy with the appearance of their vulva and they want to change it completely. Any women with an elongated or an enlarged labia will obviously feel conscious about it. Hence are now giving you a few important tips that can help you to recover from this surgery.

1. Ask for help

This is an outpatient surgery which means that you need someone to drive you around. There must always be someone with you, preferably a family member who must do all the work for you at least for a day or two. Do not smoke, drink or take any vitamins during this period.

2. Start activities

You need to start physical activities as soon as possible. This can help in reduction of swelling and also lowers the chance of a few blood clots. However, avoid driving and sex for at least 6 weeks as there is always a risk of some complications.

3. Care of incision

You need to avoid any type of infection. Thus take care of your incision. There must not be any drainage or oozing as these are signs of an infection. Also place dry and clean dressings over the incision to wick away the moisture and to prevent irritation.

4. What should your expect

There will be some amount of discoloration and swelling for around 2 weeks and in some cases longer. There can also be some numbness around the area and in some cases pain. Don’t get worried about all these because they are completely normal.

5. When to contact the doctor

You will need to contact your surgeon or doctor when any situation reaches a point where it is unbearable. If you have an increase bruising or swelling also, redness along the incision, if there is an increase amount of pain and if there are side effects to your medication.

6. Appearance of the area

You need to take care of the appearance of your area as well. A good appearance means that things are going well down there. There should be less tissue accumulated there. The scars will be reddened for around 3 months after which they will soften and fade gradually. Don’t worry about the redness as it is normal and there are no problems associated with it.