Liposuction – Health Effects in Overweight Women

There are many, many differences between men and women. Some of these differences are overt and obvious, while many other are subtle. One difference that is often underestimated is how men and women deal with weight gain, and weight loss.

For many women, the causes of gain are obvious and directly related to issues that only women would face. The first and most obvious such factor is child birth. Women who have children by necessity must gain substantial amounts of weight as they bring their child to term. For some women, losing it after childbirth is a simple and pain free process. However, for many women, this process can be slow and painful, so much so that their pre-child weight is never quite restored.

For other women, there may be hormonal or environmental factors that prevent them from losing it in a way comparable to the way men deal with the same issues. For these women, there is a way to even the playing field through the selective use of liposuction.

Liposuction is an increasingly common and easy way for people to deal with troublesome fat deposits on their body. During the procedure, the doctor will make a small incision in the area where fat is to be removed.

Next, they will insert a small tube which will break up the deposits while sucking out the now loosened deposits. After enough fat is sucked out, the tube is removed and the incision is sealed and bandaged up. As the small wound heals, swelling is common, but after a few days or weeks, the swelling should reduce enough to get an accurate idea of how the area will now look.

When considering liposuction, women should consult with their regular physician as well as their local plastic surgery. During this consultation phase, women should be able to speak freely about their concerns and expectations as their doctors explain all of the risks they may face during the surgery.

The doctor should make it abundantly clear in this period that liposuction is no substitute for real and substantial weight loss, but is rather a fast and simple way to remove those hard to lose deposits of fat that can haunt women as they try to lose. Following surgery, women should feel comfortable and free to speak with their doctor about any concerns they face in recovery. If you are a woman with hard to lose fat deposits, stand up for yourself and ask your doctor about liposuction today.