Charms Charm Their Way Back Into Fashion

Charms and charm bracelets have been around for centuries and, especially during the Victorian era became staple gifts of doting god-parents or loving auntie’s for a child’s birthday or christening, and it is this image, of a charm bracelet worn by young girls and then probably locked away as a keep-safe or heirloom to be passed on to the next generation which has fashioned the charm market over the last 200 years or so. Nowadays it is almost impossible to walk down the street without noticing women of all ages wearing charms, so what changed?

The jewelry industry is perhaps more impermeable to change than most. When for example was the last time that silver necklaces or gold earrings went out of fashion? The rise and rise of silver charms and charm bracelets over the last 5 years, however, has bucked this trend and shown that the popularity of traditional jewelery can be dictated by sudden fashion changes as much as what brand of clothing is bought, and what colors are desirable in any given year, and high-street jewelers all over the country are trying to cash in.

All ages and incomes seem to be able to find something to suit them when it comes to charms. Affordable charms made of plastic and metal plating can be had right along with 9ct precious metal ones costing well into three figures. Charm bracelets are fun forms of self expression, and they are great gifts when you cannot seem to find a unique gift for someone.

Some industry experts have put the recent surge in popularity of charms down to a growing trend for women to personalize clothing. Adding sequins, and making minor adjustments to generic clothing has been a growing trend over the last few decades as women seek to make the impersonal more personal. The way in which different charms can be added to a bracelet to reflect one’s mood, and even to complement certain occasions very much fits into this trend, giving girls the chance to add some personal touches to an outfit quickly and cost-effectively.

So are charms here to stay? Like most fashion trends, it is almost impossible to predict what the future holds for charms and charm bracelets, but for the time being women all over Britain are going crazy for them.