A Short History of Watches and Their Development

Perhaps one of the most amazing inventions of all time is that of the wrist watch. Who would have thought that someone could actually wear a tiny clock on their wrist and be able to tell time? They are convenient, stylish and practical not to mention portable. Owning a watch makes life so much simpler as it give you a way to keep track of your day without having to carry around a clock.

It is said that the first watch of all time was invented by none other than Patek Phillips in 1868. Many people today are still familiar with a Phillips watch and gladly wear them with pride. Next in line to come out was a ladies watch made by Louis Catrier and it was adorned with diamonds and a gold bracelet as the watch band. This made an instant hit and sparked Cartier to mass produce his line of ladies watches as well as other styles in 1911.

When wrist watches first came out they were round in shape but as more and more manufactures got into making watches the shapes and sizes of watches quickly changed. Watches of all kinds were starting to come out of the wood work such as an army watch which offered the wearer a watch with a strong glass front for going out into battle. It wasn’t until 1914 that the first watch with an alarm clock was introduced.

After that period more manufactures came out such as Rolex, in the 1920’s. The progress of the wrist watch kept moving forward and in 1923 the first automatic watch came out. It was a popular hit and everyone was scrambling to the stores to get their hands on their own automatic wrist watch. The military even got in on the production, working on the technology of the watch helping to advance the watch even further.

The American soldiers wore such designs as the ones made by Breitling, Omega and Hamilton which was during the war times in 1946. Things really took a turn for the better in 1956 when the first battery powered watch came out for sale. This was made by Lips and just one year later Hamilton came out with an electric watch.

As years went on, the watch kept advancing is more ways then one could count. There are now watches that run by themselves, watches that are solar powered and watches that talk to you. The history and development of watches has certainly kept us all amazed and they most certainly will keep on growing and developing.

Being a proud owner of a watch is a wondrous thing that many take for granted. No one remembers back when things were simple and they had to call “time and temperature” to get an accurate time. Now certain devices run on their own with no batteries what so ever and some get updates from satellites so that the time is always perfect.

Looking back on all of the famous inventors or the wrist watch, it makes you happy to know that the item located on your wrist is truly a miracle and wonder of the world. From the first watch with its round face to the tiny ring watches that sit delicately on your finger, they are truly a piece of history.

Dating back to the 1800s up until now, watches have constantly have been moving forward and keeping us in time with the rest of the world. If you are looking to find out more about the history of the watch then you will want to look to the founder’s of this wondrous invention. It is amazing to see how the watch has evolved and the parts get smaller with each new watch on the market. There is a watch for every lifestyle and wardrobe so you can be stylish or simple anytime of the day or night.