A Lia Sophia Review – Sellers With a Passion For Fashion

Join other jewelry lovers! Now you can be part of a team that sells high-quality, hand-crafted jewelry made by Lia Sophia. Open your own business selling these discriminating products and make money and other incentives.


Lia Sophia was created more than 30 years ago by Victor Kiam and continues to be run by the Kiam family now. Victor dreamed of leaving a legacy to his family through a company he started. However, he also dreamed of helping others reach their entrepreneurial dreams.

While Victor’s son, Tory, runs the business at present, the company’s success is additionally supported by the entire Kiam family. The company team takes pride in helping others to become independent business owners and is committed to “connecting each and every advisor to her personal dream.”

Product Lines

The hand-crafted jewelry products are still chosen and overseen by Victor’s wife, Ellen, as well as the Kiam daughters and granddaughters. There are two high-end lines of jewelry products:

Kiam Family Collection– This is the main Lia Sophia line of products overseen and supervised by Ellen Kiam. The designs are “chic, elegant, and cutting-edge.” A seasonal product line is introduced biannually, and collections such as the Kiam Family Signature Collection and Midnight Collection are available anytime.

Red Carpet Collections– This excellent line of jewelry is overseen by Tory’s wife, Elena. These pieces are often seen among fashion experts, famous people and on celebrities around the world. These lines are updated regularly, up to four times per year, and features new designs; bracelets, necklaces, and other designs.

There is a lifetime replacement guarantee for the complete catalog of their jewelry. This shows how confident the company is in the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry. They will replace every piece of jewelry that is damaged in any way.

Method of Distribution

The company catalog is distributed by direct selling through Advisors. The Advisor runs parties at a hosted location. A chosen collection is showcased at each party. The Advisor takes orders directly from each party attendee.

The starter kit for a beginning advisor is $149. The kit includes enough jewelry samples and marketing materials for the first five parties. They also provide training and support for Advisors. In addition, they provide incentives for achieving your goals, including free jewelry, cash rewards, recognition, and as a guest on free trips.

The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and adheres to the highest quality of service to and with their Advisors. The Lia Sophia compensation plan is by means of sales commissions, as well as additional income from multi-level marketing when you recruit and train additional advisors.

A superb way to start your own business is with a great, high-quality products and a commitment from the company to help you achieve your goals, Lia Sophia Advisors is just that excellent choice. The experienced Advisors continually express enthusiasm for the handcrafted jewelry collections. Take a look at Lia Sophia as a possible MLM opportunity if you do indeed have a passion for fashion.