Ways Clean Your Hair Tools

When was the last time you bothered to clean your hair tools? Here’s a reminder for all of you that your hair tools will only look after you if you look after them. So, leave all the work you have been doing; it’s time to give some attention to your hair tools.

Clean your hairbrush and comb

Give it a moment’s thought. You use your hairbrush and comb everyday without cleaning them for weeks! Imagine what all might be stuck in your hairbrush – dirt, oils, germs and so many other things. You definitely want to clean it before you use that hairbrush on your freshly washed hair.

1. Take a long, thin tool and slide it under the stuck hair on your hairbrush. Then, gently pull it upwards till it has loosened out of the brush teeth. If there isn’t much hair, you can easily pull them out with your hands.

2. But that does not finish it. If you want to properly clean your hair tools, you have to wash them. It’s easy! Just fill up a small container with warm water and put some cleansing shampoo in it. Soak your hairbrush and comb in it for some time, then gently get rid of the build up at the base of your hairbrush or comb using an old toothbrush.

3. That is it! You just have to let them dry out and your hairbrush is now ready for use. As good as new. But you must keep in mind to clean them regularly so that all the dirt and product buildup does not harm your hair.

Clean your curlers and hair straightening machines

Yes, it is equally important to clean these as well. Just your comb and hairbrush does not count as hair tools. You do use your curlers and hair straightening machines too, no matter what the frequency of your use is. Thus, it is equally necessary to clean them before use.

1. Plug your curler and hair straightening machine in for a few seconds and remove as soon as it becomes warm. Unplug it before you start cleaning it. Wet a cloth and rub the surfaces over and over till the products build up comes off. The warm tool, allows it to come off more easily, make sure they are not hot, just warm.

2. Dry the tool completely before you use it and enjoy the smoothness with which your tools work. Also, you must keep in mind never to put these tools into water, always use a cloth to clean them.

Clean your blow dryer

A dirty blow dryer where the filter is covered with hair and dirt means blocked ventilation which is harmful and unsafe. So you might just consider cleaning your blow dryer for smooth functioning.

1. Twist open the back cover of the dryer. Take out the filter and clean it with an old toothbrush.

2. Soak it into warm water so that the remaining dirt comes off easily. Let it dry completely before you put it back.

3. Clean the nozzle and body with a cloth to get the best blow drying experience.

Clean your hair accessories

Who says they don’t need cleaning? Your head bands, head ties and hair clips also get dirty from the sweat and pollution and need to be cleaned once in a while. Just clean them with warm water and some cleansing shampoo every now and then. Then dry them on a towel.

So, when was the last time you gave some attention to the hair tools that make you look gorgeous everyday? Go show them some love!