Guide On How To Take Care Of Makeup Brushes

If you love looking good chances are that you have high quality makeup brushes. As you know, the brushes are expensive and you wouldn’t want to buy them often. For them to last for a long time you need to take good care of them. To guide you here are some of the ways of taking care of your makeup brushes:

Wash Them Regularly

To avoid dirt, oils and bacteria buildup you should clean the brushes on a regular basis. Experts recommend that you should clean them after every application. For ideal results you should follow the right procedure when cleaning.

You should start by rinsing the bristles in warm water. You should swirl the brushes around the basin while avoiding soaking them. This is to protect the glue that binds the handle. You should then apply a mild shampoo to the fibers and lather with your finger.

Once you are done you should rinse the brushes under warm, running water. You should keep rinsing until all the cleanser comes off. You should note that any residue that remains on the brush may react with your skin giving you rashes.

After removing all the cleanser you should gently squeeze water from the brush and reshape the bristles to their original shape. You should then place the units flat on the ground to air dry. To protect the wooden handles you shouldn’t place the brushes standing. You should also avoid placing them under direct heat.

For them to dry fast you should place the bristles away from the edge of the table.

Store the brushes properly

If you have been using makeup brushes you most likely know that the way you store them affects their efficiency. Just like everything else, well kept brushes will definitely last for a long time.

If you have enough space, you should store the brushes individually in a glass jar or roll up bag. As rule of thumb you should store them away from direct sunlight to protect them from a lot of heat.

Using the wrong brush results to damage. To avoid using the wrong brush you should classify your brushes. For example, you should store liquid brushes separate from powder brushes.


Maintenance of makeup brushes is all about commonsense. By adopting the above tips the brushes will not only last for long, you will also have an easy time applying makeup. When buying always ensure that you buy from a reputable store.