Foundation Battle: Too Faced’s “Born This Way” Vs Maybelline’s “Super Stay Better Skin”

Makeup Maniacs, in an effort to find my holy grail of foundations, I recently tried two that were quite similar in consistency and coverage. Let the battle begin…

In the “high end” corner we have a Too Faced product that was recently launched. This foundation is dubbed “Born this Way”. The day it launched, I paid $39 for one (1) ounce of this medium to full coverage liquid makeup. The color I chose is called, Warm Nude, which matches me well, although I could have went a shade darker. This formula is oil-free and infused with coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid which are all ingredients that are supposed to improve texture and brighten the skin.

The company claims that this foundation gives medium to full coverage, is undetectable and will leave the skin naturally radiant. I agree that it is medium to full coverage, but that’s about all I agree with. I feel like it kinda floated on my skin, not blending well at all. It also made my fine lines more noticeable. Prior to even setting this foundation with a light, loose powder, it began looking cakey. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with this stuff, but in my humble opinion, it was not worth the 39 bucks!

Pros: it has medium to full coverage and has lots of great, natural ingredients

Cons: high price point, does not blend well, accentuates fine lines, “cakey” appearance on skin, and has no sun protection factor (SPF)

In the “drug store” corner is another medium to full coverage foundation by Maybelline. This one is called, “Super Stay Better Skin”. One ounce set me back $11.99 at ULTA. My color is Natural Beige which matches me perfectly. This foundation is oil free, has an SPF of 15, and is enhanced with Acytl-C, which is a durable form of Vitamin C (which is a pretty powerful anti-oxidant).

Maybelline claims that this is a medium to full coverage, long-wear foundation that will improve your skin’s appearance the longer you wear it. It’s supposed to make spots less noticeable, improve dullness and uneveness and give you a brighter, more even skin tone. Personally, I think Maybelline hit a home run with this product! It does give medium to full coverage and after a week of using this, I felt as though my skin had a “glowier” appearance to it. It sat so wonderfully on my face and blended like a dream. My one complaint is that it does not last that long, especially in the summer heat. It tends to slide off and need touch-ups quite often if you are exposed to humidity. However, I feel it’s definitely worth trying, especially at the affordable price of $11.99!

Pros: it has medium to full coverage, blends easily, has SPF, improves the look of skin, affordable price, and contains a powerful anti-oxidant (Vitamin C)

Cons: does not fair well in heat/humid climates

So, it’s pretty safe to say that Maybelline won this battle with its great, new foundation that is marketed towards all skin types.